ZAG FAB BOATS Credit Application Form

Applicant Information
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Employment Information
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Co-Applicant Information
First Name Last Name Social Insurance Number Birth Date
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Spouse's Employer Employer's Address Employer's City Employer's Province
Employer's Phone (xxx-xxx-xxxx) Length of Employment Income per month (before deductions)
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Landlord/Mortgage Holder Information (If Band Housing Select Band from Housing Type)
Land Type / Rent-Mortgage Payment Landlord/Mortgage Holder Name Landlord Address Landlord Phone
If you are a Homeowner
Mortgage When Opened Mortgage Currently Owing Market Value of Home
Previous Address (if current address is less than 2 years)
Address City Province Duration at Address
Years Months
Trade-In Information
Year Model Mileage (kms)
I'm Looking For: Available Down Payment Desired Monthly Payment
Financial Information
Have you Declared Bankruptcy in the last 7 years? If yes Date Discharged Have you ever had a repossession?
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Bank Name Bank Address Bank Phone
Account Type Account Number Balance
Additional Comments
Acknowledgement and Consent
By signing below, you affirm that the information you have given in this Application is true and complete and that you have not withheld any information. We will rely on the information you have given us to decide on your Application. You authorize us to give to, obtain, verify, share and exchange credit and other information about you and with others, including credit bureaus, and other persons with whom you may have financial dealings as well as any other person as may be permitted or required by law. you also expressly waive your right, where permitted by law, to receive a copy of any Financial Statements or Financing Change Statements registered under the Personal Property Security Act as a result of a loan made by us to you or any renewal or discharge thereof.